Posted on July 31, 2023

2023 was the second year for CDI to participate in this great event. So what did we learn, and what were a few key takeaways?

Get the name right before you print the t-shirts – Ever find yourself in a situation where you have great intentions but epic fail on execution? Chalk it up to our “newbie” status. Here we thought we were all slick designing custom t-shirts for the GNR rally, only to find out the event has been rebranded as “Camp Winnebago”. The t-shirts still turned out amazing, and our CDI teammates wore them well.


We can’t hide anymore – when you see the CDI golf cart, you know it means good things are close. So much so that our client services team was booked most of the week. Thank you for your patience as we were able to visit with as many coach owners as possible. Next year we will have 2 carts with 2 full teams to hopefully be even more visible. It’s amazing now that once people find out you are the “paint people” how many more discussions it opens up.


70 is greater than 90……in terms of weather. Remember how hot it was during the 2022 rally? 2023 saw much milder temperatures in north Iowa, and after all the storms finally blew through, we actually had some pretty special weather. Nice weather leads to happy campers, smiling staff, and amazing sunsets. Sign me up for a repeat performance in 2024.



Spin to Win – cutting boards a hit, chapstick not so much. The “soon to be famous” CDI wheel of intrigue was once again loaded up and ready to roll. Overheard the crowd…”What are we standing in line for?….I don’t know, but with this long of a line, it must be good!”!!  LOL. We love to give back to you campers, and we hope you found the wheel of intrigue worth a trip to our booth. What amazing deals will we have in 2024? Make sure you drop by in ‘24 and find out yourself!

Microwaves break …..and our talented staff is skilled in the art of microwave repair. If you know, you know 🙂

With that, we will return to the permafrost of North Iowa until next year Camp Winnebago. Thank you for all the love and support, and see you next year!


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