Posted on July 5, 2023

There are three main RV models. They are referred to as Class A, B, and C. In addition, there is also a wide range of towable RV models. This article will help you understand the major differences between the classifications.

Class A Model

This is the largest motorhome model and, on average, the most expensive type. There are both Class A diesel and Class A gasoline options, so it is up to the RVer to decide which type fits better into their lifestyle. Diesel is going to be more durable and last longer, but with that comes a more expensive price at the gas pump. The average length of a Class A motorhome can be anywhere from 25 to 45 feet. The width is usually around 8 feet, with 8.5 feet being allowed in some states. Since these RVs are so massive, the inside can be pretty luxurious. It is very common for these models to have king-size beds, laundry amenities, full-size living rooms with couches, full kitchens, multiple bathrooms, and more. Since these models are very similar to a house, a lot of full-timers find that it is the most comfortable RV classification for them. The motorhome itself has the ability to tow another vehicle along behind it. In some instances, a special driving license is required to drive a Class A.

Class B Model

The Class B is the smallest of the three main RV classifications. These are the camper van/sprinter van forms. Creativity takes shape when fitting expansive amenities in a smaller space. Class B models are becoming more and more common among younger generations who want to take on “van life”. These vans are the smallest, so driving isn’t a huge adjustment from a car. The average length is around 16 to 21 feet. There is a lot less space compared to the larger classes, so a lot of thought has gone into making sure comfort and convenience are still at the forefront of these designs. Many Class B vehicles still have kitchenette features, bed areas, comfortable driving space, and sufficient storage. The best fuel economy is usually found in Class B because of the size. There are both diesel and gasoline options available for this model, as well. Class B models are usually on the less expensive end when compared to the other motorhome models.

Class C Model

This model is the medium sized RV – smaller than Class A, but bigger than Class B. Class C models are usually built on a type of truck chassis. Similar to the other two classes, there are both diesel and gasoline options. The attribute that makes this model stand out from others is the “cab-over” component. This is the part of the motorhome that hands over the top of the cab at the front. This area usually functions as storage or as a bed. Since this model sits right in between the other models when it comes to size, there is a lot that can be done with the interior layout and amenities. Class C models can have bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms similar to the Class A, but just on a smaller level.

Towable RVs

There are many different forms of towable RVs: fifth wheelers, travel trailers, toy haulers, pop-ups, and teardrop trailers. You have probably seen all of these models either on the road or at a campground. They are all towed behind some type of vehicle, but they vary when it comes to size and functionality. It is important to think about a vehicle that would work best to tow these models, as that vehicle has a vital role in the traveling process.

Fifth Wheeler

The largest of them all would be the fifth wheeler. This model is towed behind a pick-up truck that has a special attachment in the bed of the truck for the trailer to hitch to. This allows for part of the fifth wheeler to hang over the bed of the truck, and this area usually functions as a bed, storage, or sitting room.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are one of the most popular types of RVs and they have some of the most variability when it comes to layout and amenities. This model attaches to the back of a vehicle through the use of a hitch.

Toy Hauler

This type of trailer is for the RVer with a lot of gear and equipment that is brought along on trips. Toy haulers have special areas to store the equipment, whether it be dirt bikes, kayaks, golf carts, etc. They can usually be found with heavy duty ramps and doors to assist with the unloading and loading of the toys. Although toy haulers can be found as a motorhome all on its own, most toy haulers are towables.

Pop-Up Trailer

Pop-up trailers are known to be very convenient when it comes to setting up, packing away, and transporting. The model itself is collapsible and light-weight, so it can be towed behind almost any vehicle. When it collapses down, it is very small and compact. Since it has pop-up features, it can turn into quite a large set-up. This model is great for families that need something easy to transport but will also give the whole family a nice amount of space when it’s all set up.

Teardrop Trailer

These towables are easily recognized by their smaller teardrop shape. One side is usually rounded while the other side comes to a point. Most vehicles are able to tow these behind them because of the small size and weight, which makes it very convenient for travelers. They are smaller in size compared to other models, so the interior is very minimal. The most basic layouts just hold a bed, but they can have other components as well.

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